These are some of the CDs we offer at Ave Maria Books and Media. These songs or CDs are spiritual and religious and at the same time gives you a nice beat to enjoy. These Music will have you calm and others will have you preaching joy and praise. These CDs are good and you will definitely enjoy them. … [Read More...]

Children Books

Harness the Power of Storytelling to Improve Behavior.  Good stories teach good behavior. Bad stories teach bad behavior.  A well told religious story can be the best, most positive way to teach your child an important lesson or address a problem behavior.  It can be infinitely more effective than telling your child, “Stop doing that”.   These books can help your children know God's presence and … [Read More...]

Cross and Crucifix

A Crucifix is an ornamental or symbolic sculptural representation of Christ on a crucifix, often worn as a pendant or displayed in a Christian Church. Every Catholic home should have a Crucifix hanging over the bed in each bedroom, and, most importantly, at least one in a common area, such as the Dining Room, Living Room, or Family Room. In addition, generally speaking, Catholics should wear … [Read More...]

Spiritual and Stories

These are spiritual books as the title states and it also includes stories that we have inside our bookstore and in stock. … [Read More...]

Paintings and Pictures

We also offer paintings in Ave Maria Books and Media. These paintings are spiritual paintings and are very attractive to be hung in any house hold. These can also be a very nice gift to any person whether it be for their birthday or for Christmas, it serves as a gift for any occasion. These painting are very well priced and some are also hand done. These paintings can be hung anywhere in the … [Read More...]