The books shown here are about catechises and catechism. The books here are readily available for your purchase and for you to order. You can also give us a call and reserve the books that you see or like. We offer that service to our customers. . … [Read More...]

Prayer Cards

These are similar to the prayer books and also offer prayers for every and any occasion. This prayer cards have one prayer you can say any time and any day you please. These card are also convenient for the prayers but they are also convenient for their size. Some of these cards aren’t very big and can fit in your pocket or your wallet so that you can always have prayers in your pocket.  … [Read More...]


These are some of the CDs we offer at Ave Maria Books and Media. These songs or CDs are spiritual and religious and at the same time gives you a nice beat to enjoy. These Music will have you calm and others will have you preaching joy and praise. These CDs are good and you will definitely enjoy them. … [Read More...]


These are some DVD that we have in the Ave Maria Books and Media store. These DVDs are of different categories and different types. These DVDs are good for a movie night and can be very interesting to enjoy. . These DVDs are good and will have you sitting down wanting to see and enjoy more of it.   … [Read More...]


Below is a list of some of the missal products that is offered in Ave Maria Books and media. these are some of the missals we offer and these can help you follow either the Sunday mass or the daily masses. . … [Read More...]