Cross and Crucifix

A Crucifix is an ornamental or symbolic sculptural representation of Christ on a crucifix, often worn as a pendant or displayed in a Christian Church.

Every Catholic home should have a Crucifix hanging over the bed in each bedroom, and, most importantly, at least one in a common area, such as the Dining Room, Living Room, or Family Room. In addition, generally speaking, Catholics should wear Crucifixes — not empty Crosses (aside from stylized ones of significance) — around their necks. Why Crucifixes instead of empty Crosses? Because, as did Paul, we preach Christ crucified, and know that we get to the Resurrection through the Cross, that we are called to pick up our own crosses and carry them, offering up our sufferings in imitation of Him.

Crucifixes may be gotten at our Catholic gift shop and are the perfect gift for a newlywed couple as one can’t have too many of them. You’ll find Crucifixes to be worn around the neck, some to be hung on walls, some on stands to be placed on tables, etc. 

Crucifixes should be blessed by a priest and treated with great veneration. Kissing a Crucifix is an indulgenced act.